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Web Designing and Development Services:

Dynamic Website Development- The content on this website can change daily. This content can be changed either by the client himself or by the developer. Also, on this website, the web pages are generated in real-time and the result is completely based on the inputs at a particular time. Here, a server side scripting language is used.

Responsive Website Development- This website offers an optimal viewing experience wherein the navigation is very easy. It lets the website look good on all devices, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or computer screen. It resizes and enlarges itself to fit into any screen size, proving to be user friendly and really interesting.

E-commerce Website Development- This is the website which caters to exchange of products via internet or an electronic network. These business transactions can take place between any two parties- business to client or vice versa or even within themselves. It is majorly used these days in selling of retail goods, reaching innumerable people in a matter of minutes.

Website Redesigning- This service deals with refurbishing a website which has been already developed so as to make it more appealing and interesting. Also, it makes the website more user friendly, in order to serve them in a better way than before. It facilitates better exposure and experience on clients’ end, increasing the clientele.

Static Web Designing- This content on this website will not get changed until and unless it’s done from the server end, implies the content stays the same every day, and to every single visitor. These websites are the easiest to develop and are coded using HTML. No web programming or database is required in static web designing.

PSD to HTML Conversion- PSD stands for Photoshop Document and it means the workflow of the project which has been created on Photoshop i.e. it has been drafted graphically so as to clarify the visualization of the project. It is then coded and made into a live project using HTML coding. It helps in creation of project’s blueprint.

B2B and B2C Portals Development- B2B and B2C portals demand different work flow. Having said that, both portals have a few things in common as well, i.e. both the websites demand to be concise and have the clarity, and be graphically appealing so as to attract the consumer or the businesses, as the case may be.

CMS Web Development- CMS stands for Content Management System and it enables the client to manage the content online. Such websites are developed using Joomla, Wordpress and Magento. It facilitates easy and effortless control of the content on the website without prior training. Handling these websites is absolutely uncomplicated; these are generally developed when the website is content centric.
Mobile application Development
Native applications- These are the mobile applications which can be downloaded from the playstore and are developed to be used by a particular platform. These applications are available in two operating systems- iOS and Android. Though iOS is an Apple product, Google came up with Android. Native applications take advantage of the operating system for which they have been developed.

Web applications- These are the mobile applications which cannot be downloaded from the playstore. Also, when such an application is accessed on a mobile phone, it works as a responsive website, i.e. the application runs on a web browser. Mthe application is stored over a remote server and is accessed using the Internet as and when required.
Digital marketing services

SEO- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which enables a website to become online easily available to the audience. It is a digital marketing field which enables a website to get searched more easily using the most popular keywords. It basically optimizes the online content of the client, making its online visibility better.

Local/Geo-targeting SEO- This practice lets the website become globally effective in terms of SEO by taking into account the domain name (country-based TLDs- Top Level Domain) and hosting location. Google’s geo-targeting features can help a website rule in its country and be location specific as well, helping the business target specific clients.

SMO- SMO stands for Social Media Optimization which targets the increased publicity of the client or the related project via various social media platforms and handles. It basically focuses son optimizing the content of a website so as to use the website thoroughly and share the links on various social media platforms.

Email Marketing- Sending a commercial message via mail is known as email marketing which has many dimensions to it and a way to excel so as to achieve success. These messages are meant to promote the particular products or services, as the case may be. This service is a segment of internet marketing.

PPC- Acronym for Pay Per Click, PPC is a part of internet marketing with the help of which the advertisers spend money whenever a user clicks on their advertisements beings displayed online. This lets them buy a visit to their website. In such a case, the search engine gets paid for every click being made.

Video Marketing- Video marketing is done by making a short video which would assimilate the entire product or the service in a few seconds, making it appealing and attention-catching. It is optimized for search so that they can be easily found on the search engines, and most importantly, videos leave the deepest impact on the viewers.

Content Marketing- Creating valuable content and spreading it across various channels to attract the targeted audience and retain them for the business. Proper marketing approach is needed in content marketing so that relevant content is given priority and it sets the entire business on an altogether another level.

Google AdWords- It is a PPC advertising system. The platform being used here is AdWords which lets the businesses create advertisements being displayed on Google search engine. The users bid on keywords and the winner gets the space to advertise. Google gets into the box of AdWords advertisers every time a search is initiated by a user.

YouTube Promotions- YouTube is one of the best platforms to advertise and market one’s products and services. It lets the business seep in and reach various corners of the society. A Youtube promotion captivates the audience like anything and captures millions of viewers in a very short span of time. Also, the videos get easily embedded onto the websites.
Graphics Designing includes:
Facebook Page Designing- An effective Facebook page can bring wonders to an organization. Facebook is an asset for a business as mostly all the clients of that business would be active on this social media platform. With the help of an authentic visual brand identity, the business is set apart from the rest.

Logo Designing- A logo represents a business in the form of an image and stays with the clients forever. Hence, the logo of a company should be catchy, interesting, appealing and at the same time meaningful. Creation of a logo needs a creative and innovative side so as to give the business a visual identity.

PDF Brochure Designing- Creating a beautiful and attractive background to capture the attention of the viewers, a brochure of an organization should be appealing and equally informative, so that it acts as the one source to the company, bringing in more clients. A PDF brochure acts as a great source of marketing as well.

PDF Catalogue Designing- A catalogue describes the intent of the organization and acts as a great boost to expanding the business in various sectors. Everything needs to be taken care of, be it the design, the font or the images being used. With a perfect amalgamation of everything, a catalogue is drafted, designed particularly for the target audience.

Banner Designing- Grabbing the viewer’s attention, a banner is the catchiest representation of a business in the least time period. It needs to be really interesting, throwing out the message in the best way ever. Every aspect of the banner needs to be taken care of, be it aesthetically or logically.

Videos Creations- Taking the attention of the viewers, a video best represents the way the business works. Videos stay with the audience for quite a long duration and that’s the reason why a video is considered necessary for promotion these days. These act as powerful tools for conversion and a steep boost in sales can be observed.
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