• What is the Business model of Tejkart Marketing Ltd?

    AnsThe business model of Tejkart Marketing Ltd inculcates B2B as well as B2C services so as to bring everything under one roof. This portal has been developed to make sure everyone gets a fair space and availability in terms of products and services, be it a customer or a business itself. It makes sure the businesses become easily accessible to all, irrespective of their level of production and the country they belong to.

  • What products are provided by www.tejkart.ca / Tejkart Marketing Ltd?

    AnsTejkart Marketing Ltd offers a wide range of products; you name it and it’s bound to be here. All kinds of apparels, electronic appliances, basic necessities, furniture etc could be found here. Everything can be bagged in a matter of clicks. There is no limit to the list of products, hence find time and grab the one you like the most.

  • What benefits B2C sellers will get from us?

    AnsWith an international customer base, TejkartMarketing Ltd stamps the availability of a wide customerbase on just one portal. This lets the customers have a look on various products, even if they do not wish to buy initially, but might end up bagging some of them. This portal acts as the digitized versions of all the businesses collaborating with it.

  • What benefits B2B supplier/ distributer/ manufacture/ exporter will get?

    AnsTejkart Marketing Ltd. makes sure it acts as an interface to bridge the gap between businesses and their respective clients. This distance is taken care of when a supplier/ distributer/ manufacturer or exporter collaborates with it as they get access to a wide range of audience which isn’t restricted to just one country but is spread globally. Also, taking into consideration the time it takes for buyers to generate enquiries online has been worked upon here as there is no enquiry generation step. The buyers are directly redirected to the verification screen.

  • How our Payments are secure?

    Ans- All the payments are made using Strip payment gateway. It allows all credit and debit cards with utmost ease, giving a finishing touch to the entire shopping experience of the customers. For better use, logged in customers can select previously used cards in order to save time and efforts. This payment gateway is completely secure and reliable.

  • How our shipping circle will work and what about international shipping?

    Ans- All the shipping work is taken care of by professionaldelivery network and that’s how everything falls at the right place, at the right time. Canadian customers are required to pay sales tax on retail items. The amount of the tax would entirely depend on their province. For international buyers(non-Canadians), they don’t need to pay any sales tax but they will have to pay the custom fees or related taxes in accordance with the laws of their respective countries. The buyers will be responsible for all orde

  • Why should a buyer use our website?

    Ans- The benefits to buyers are multifold. Firstly, they will get access to a wide range of products, of varying brands and the best quality. Secondly, the buyers get an opportunity to join the affiliate program of TejkartMarketing Ltd. under which even the buyers can earn money working with us part-time.